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Information was written and provided by the Gleason School website.

Whether you are a current student, parent, community member, alumnus, or prospective member of the Gleason School family, we hope to provide you with all the information necessary to make your experience with our school the best.

At Gleason, we feel very fortunate to be a PreK-12 school all on the same campus. This setting allows interaction of activities between different grades and provides for richer learning experiences with unlimited possibilities. Gleason has a truly unique family atmosphwere with a faculty and staff that is second to none and ready to follow a child’s educational needs from the first day through the door, all the way across the graduation stage.

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Information was written and provided by the Gleason School website.

Gleason Bulldogs show up on the courts and the fields from junior high to high school. Gleason School boasts champions in the following:

Junior High Football
Junior High Basketball — Boys
Junior High Basketball — Girls
Junior High Cheerleading

High School Football
High School Basketball — Boys
High School Basketball — Girls
High School Cheerleading
High School Golf
High School Softball — Girls
High School Baseball — Boys

Schedules and rosters can be found on the Gleason School website.