Gleason Cemeteries


Gleason’s cemeteries are regarded by most of us as sacred areas where our loved ones have been laid to rest. These special areas are protected and cared for with loving respect for those who have passed and those who survive them. In addition, our cemeteries provide unique preservation of our community’s shared history. We honor our cemeteries and the individuals at rest, people who lived here and loved our town, and worked hard to build the Gleason we all enjoy today.

Hopewell Cemetery

From Gleason Online:
The oldest section of what is now the Hopewell Cemetery dates back into the mid 1800’s, with the name of the, then small cemetery and the street it is on, being derived from its association with what was at that time the Hopewell Presbyterian Church.

The present Hopewell Cemetery, located at its original site within the city limits of Gleason on Hopewell street, is a quiet and serene place for eternal rest.

Lots are available for sale in newer sections of the Cemetery . The grounds are carefully maintained by a local mowing contractor. Hopewell is a community Cemetery with Perpetual Care of the grounds being funded solely by burial plot sales and private individual donations .

The Gleason Rotary Club has a Memorial Day fund drive each year where folks can either come by the Cemetery and give donations or mail donations to the Rotary Club or The Bank of Gleason.

Many citizens of Gleason, who have been so faithful year after year with their generous donations are now gone and are now buried at Hopewell. It is important that a new generation of concerned citizens insure that the cemetery is well maintained, in memory of those who have passed and for those who will choose Hopewell as their final resting place. The Hopewell Cemetery Committee would be grateful for any donations to the cemeteries perpetual care account and acknowledges donations received any time during the year. A listing of the names of those donating each year will appear on the Obituary Page unless the donor asks not to be recognized, at the time of the donation.

While the Hopewell Cemetery of today appears to have originally served as a church cemetery for “Hopewell Presbyterian Church”, established sometime during the 1800’s, there is little additional historical information available. We would ask that anyone who can provide pictures or additional historical information regarding the history of the old Hopewell Church or Hopewell Cemetery, send this information to the above address so it can be added to this website.

Donations can be sent to the Bank of Gleason, P.O. Box 231, Gleason, TN 38229: Attention: Tammy Haywood.

New Valley Cemetery

From Gleason Online:

New Valley Cemetery is located adjacent to New Valley United Methodist Church, between McKenzie and Gleason on New Valley Road.  Like Hopewell, the original section of the cemetery dates back well into the 1800’s. Here, it can be noted that years ago there was originally a Methodist Church that was located on Spring Creek and every Spring, when the rains came, the creek would overflow its banks and flood the church. This resulted in the members of the church deciding to locate the cemetery on higher ground where it is  now located.

Perpetual Care of the New Valley cemetery (which includes mowing by a local contractor) is funded separately from New Valley United Methodist Church,  with funds coming solely from  private individual donations and proceeds from the sale of burial plots. Lots in the new section of the cemetery are currently available. Individual plots can be purchased by contacting Charles Anderson at 731-695-5753 and are priced at $350.00 per plot.

Donations are welcome at any time during the year. The New Valley Cemetery Committee would be very grateful for your support and  happy to acknowledge your donations.

Checks for donations should be made payable to the New Valley Cemetery Fund and be sent to the Bank of Gleason, P.O. Box 231, Gleason, TN  38229:  Attention: Tammy Haywood.


There are several other cemeteries in the Gleason area, though many are private, family cemeteries that are situated on private land. In the interest of history and inclusion, below is a brief listing of other cemeteries located in our area found on the Find A Grave website. The listing is not exhaustive, may include inactive cemeteries, and may not include every cemetery that exists in the area. 

  • Arnold Family Cemetery
  • Bailey Family Cemetery
  • Beech Springs Cemetery
  • Butler Cemetery
  • Dinning Family Cemetery
  • Gilbert and Stofle Cemetery
  • Goolsby Cemetery
  • Mount Zion Cemetery
  • New Hope Cemetery
  • Old Beech Springs Baptist Church Cemetery
  • Osborne Cemetery
  • Price’s Chapel Cemetery
  • Rushing Memorial Cemetery
  • Sandhill Cemetery
  • Seminary Cemetery
  • Smyth Cemetery
  • Stofle Cemetery
  • Tumbling Creek Cemetery